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Technical Manual

This library of past Airflow club newsletter articles contains a fascinating and often helpful collection of information and opinions about the operation, maintenance, repair and restoration of Airflow automobiles and trucks. Many have found these articles to be helpful and entertaining.

Standards of Correctness Manual: The reader who wishes to prepare an Airflow for Club judging is urged to consult Airflow Restorer's Guide, for sale through the Airflow Club Store. It supercedes the 2014 edition of the Standards of Correctness Manual. Both documents describe the detailed requirements against which show cars are judged; the Restorer's Guide is current as of 2020 and much more complete. 

Disclaimer: Recommendations found in the articles below should be taken as the opinions of the writers, rather than as confirmed facts. They might contain obsolete information, errors, and inconsistencies. Some specific pitfalls are that recommended sources might no longer be in business; suggested modern replacements might not be applicable to all models; Airflow standards of correctness have evolved and in some cases changed over the years; and the opinions expressed might not, in fact, be correct. The Airflow Club of America accepts no responsibility for their truth, accuracy, or usefulness. The reader uses the information contained in these articles at his or her own risk. Articles with asterisked (*) titles in the index are judged to be probably obsolete.  

The Quick Reference Guide collects several of these articles into a useful overview of Airflow automobiles and trucks. It's a great place to start in learning about Airflows.

Page 1: Accessories through Electrical     


Desoto Luggage Rack

Hot Water Heaters


Radio, Delco Service

Radio, Philco Service and Installation

Spot Lights



Differential Service and Adjustment

Driveshaft Oil Seal Removal

Interchange Information

Rear Axle

Rear Axle Seals

Seal, Leakage Solutions

Seal, Inner Wheel

Seal, Outer, C10 and C17*

Shaft, C1


Airflow Oddities

Body Bolts, Stuck

Body Panel Welder

Body Service Manual, DeSoto

Body Fabrication

Bumper Guards

Bumper Paint 36 Chrysler

Dodge Airflow Truck Cab Parts

Door Handle Droop Solution

Door Handle Removal / Repair

Door Hinge Pin Fabrication

Door Locks

Door Panel Upholstery Restoration

Door Stiffness Correction

Door Striker Adjustment

Door Vent Window Gasket Replacement

Door Weatherstrip

Fenders Underside Rubber Pad

Fenderskirt Description All

Fenderskirt Locks

Fenderskirt Ornaments

Fenderskirt Part Numbers

Fenderskirt Sizes

Firewall Leaks

Floor Replacement Desoto

Gearshift Knob

Glass Supplier

Grill '34 Chrysler

Grill '35 Stainless Center Strip

Headlamp Lens Retaining Ring

Headlamps Adjust Bi-Ray 

Headlamps Adjust C17

Headlamp Table

Headliner Replacement – '34

Hubcap, CY

Hood Assembly Differences

Hood Installation of '35 on a '34 SE

Hood Removal

ID Plate


Keys / Locks

Paint Charts / Numbers

Paint Scratch Repair

Paint Stripe

Paint Stripper

Painting Tips

Painting Wheels

Park Light Lens Casting '35

Park Light Lens '36

Pot Metal Repair

Quarter Windows Stick

Restoration Tips

Roof Inserts, 1936

Roof Materials

Roof Rebuilding / Desoto SE

Roof Recovering

Running Board Recovering Help

Running Board Trim C17

Seat Spring Restoration

Seat Spring Stiffening

Sill Plate Restoration

Stone Guards (fenders)

Tail Lamp Bracket Fabrication '34

Tail Lamp Lens Removal / '36 Desoto

Vent Windows, Stuck

Windshield Wipers

Woodgrain Dash S2



Brake Hoses

Brake Spring

Comprehensive Brake Information

Drum Puller

Interchange Information

Internal Brake Shoes

Lining Manufacture Association Nos.

Master Cylinder

Master Cylinder Replacement C17

Power Unit Boot

Power Unit Lube

Power Unit Maintenance

Power Unit Trigger Cover

Rear Wheel Cylinder Sizes



Chassis and Engine Specifications

Driveshaft Vibration

Inspection and Lube Charts




Clutch Disk / C1

Clutch Squeal

Information / General

Interchange Information

Rebuilding Part Numbers

Stuck Clutch, Freeing


Fan Belts


Mice and Radiators



Overheating Discussion, Clulow-Spinks

Overheating / Thermostat

Radiator Replacement

Restoration Tips


Thermostat Housing, S2

Thermostat Theory and Practice Boyd

Water Outlet Differences

Water Pump

Water Pump Rebuilder




Data / Schematics / Tune Up

Dash Fire Avoidance


Distributor Points


Fuel Gauge

Fuel Gauge Sender Source


Headlamp & Lens

Headlamp & Tail Lamp Rewiring

Headlamps Adjust Bi-Ray 

Headlamps Adjust C17

Headlamp Table

Headlamp Adjustment Spring

Headlamp Bulb Discussion

Headlamp Lens Retaining Ring

Interchange Information

Ignition Parts List​

Park Light Lens Casting '35

Park Light Lens '36

Practical Electrical Repair

Spark Plugs

Starter Clutch – Desoto

Starter Remove and Replace – C10

Starter / Generator Current Specifications

Solenoid Performance Specification

Starter System CU / CV

Tail Lamp Lens Springs/Keepers

Tail Lamp Brightness


Tune Up Parts and Specifications

Voltage Regulator

Wiring Diagram Errors

* Use particular discretion in applying these recommendations

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