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From its founding, membership in the Airflow Club of America has been open to all persons of good character who are interested in preservation of these groundbreaking automobiles and trucks. One membership covers a family household, and includes a subscription to the Airflow Newsletter, issued six times a year. 


All members may post Airflow-related  buy and sell advertisements in the newsletter for free. Most issues list member cars for sale or trade. Members have access to the Members Only tab on this website, with club reports and other useful materials. Members also get our Club Directory, updated biannually, that lists current members and the cars they own. Airflow Club membership is the very best way to get information and obtain rare parts for Chrysler and Desoto Airflows. 


To join, click the appropriate Membership Form below and download it to your computer. Follow the directions printed on it to join the Airflow Club or to renew your membership. 

For 2024, the dues structure is unchanged and is as follows:

Basic Airflow Club membership is $35 per calendar year. Club membership includes an email subscription to the Airflow Newsletter, six issues per year. The newsletter is usually 12 pages and you can print it if desired.

US printed newsletter option is $25 additional. Select this if you wish to receive, in addition to the pdf version, a printed newsletter, delivered by first class postal service to your north American address.

International newsletter option is $30 instead of $25 additional. If your mailing address is outside North America, the printed subscription is slightly higher to offset international mailing costs.


If you would like to make a voluntary contribution to the Airflow Club, there is a blank for it on the membership form.

Dues are due by the end of January each year. Please enclose an additional $5 for renewals after January 31. 

A circle of Airflows at the 2009 ACA meet in Tacoma, Washington

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