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The Airflow Club 


The Airflow Club of America is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, exhibition and use of Chrysler and DeSoto Airflow automobiles and Dodge Airflow trucks. Our mission includes collecting, recording, preserving and disseminating Airflow information, data and lore to the world of old car enthusiasts.

Brief History of the Club

Our Organization 

The Airflow Club of America was founded in 1962. We have around 400 members in any given year, with members in the U. S., Canada and seven other countries. Coordinating the exchange of parts and cars was an emphasis of the club from the start. The first annual meet was held in Detroit two years later, in 1964. Twenty Airflow cars showed up! Since then, an annual meet has been held every year, usually in June, July, or August. For the 50th anniversary meet in Dayton, Ohio, in 2013, 52 Airflows showed up. The Club published mimeographed and later printed newsletters from July, 1962. The Airflow Newsletter was issued monthly for many years and is bi-monthly today. 

Airflow Club of America, Inc., is a nonprofit organization. It is governed by a Board comprising the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three National Directors. Board members are elected by the current members in a general election held every two years. They serve for particular terms as provided by the Club Constitution and By-Laws. The Club is organized into three regions covering the Eastern, Central and Western portions of the U.S. Members residing outside the US compose a fourth region. Each year one of the regions hosts the Club's Annual Meet. The regions elect a Regional Director who coordinates regional activities and generally maintains a small fund to cover regional expenses. Club members volunteer for organizational duties including Chief Judge, Newsletter Editor, Newsletter Designer, Historian, Mail Records, Storekeeper, and Website Administrator.


The annual meet is the flagship event for the Airflow Club. It is held for three to five days, usually in a summer month. There is a rigorous judging of the cars at this meet focusing on originality and quality of restoration. The car show and award plan are structured to encourage preservation of Airflow cars, with preference given to as-built originality for restored cars. A junior/senior classification rule ensures that the awards are available to new and in progress preservations and restorations. Coast-to-Coast license plaque awards are made to cars who have been driven to at least one annual meet in each region to encourage members to drive their cars. Many members do just that.

The three US regions have for several years conducted one or more regional event. The Eastern Region has a vendor space at the AACA Hershey Swap Meet, generally in October, and holds a dinner for members on one evening of the meet. The Central Region has a similar regional event at the Chickasha Swap meet held in Oklahoma. And for years, the Western Region has maintained a club booth at the Big-3 Parts Exchange in San Diego, third weekend in February. Regions often organize dinners, banquets, car cruises, museum visits and the like to encourage members to get together and show and drive their Airflows.

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