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Airflow Judging

Judging of Airflows at National Meets is driven by the standards tabulated in the Airflow Restorer's Guide, which can be purchased from the Club Store. Section 2 of the Guide contains a list of standards for Airflows grouped into General/Overall, Chassis, Engine, Exterior, and Interior categories. These standards form the basis of the judging rules. The ARG also contains the judging sheets as of its publication date, but these are occasionally revised. A sample judging sheet for 2024 (in this case for 1934 Chrysler Airflows), is available for examination and download here. Requirements for other years and makes differ slightly, as spelled out in the Airflow Restorer's Guide, and they have their own scoring sheets. A complete set is available to current ACA members under the Members Only tab.


The process for how the cars will be judged by volunteers at the national meets is available here. The Chief Judge and his team have modified the process somewhat with the goals of improving consistency across car make, car model, and meet year, and reducing the the amount of time it takes to judge all competing cars in a single day. Click the link to see the details of the changes in the process..

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