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Airflow Restorer's Guide

Now available for purchase for current Airflow Club members

The Airflow Restorer's Guide is a 274-page book published by the Airflow Club, first available in print in January 2021. The Guide describes in detail (and with illustrations) how the various models of DeSoto and Chrysler Airflows from 1934 to 1936 (DeSoto) or 1937 (Chrysler) were configured. It also describes how Airflow cars are judged at national ACA meets. Given the 80-plus years that have passed since these amazing cars were built, many details of their construction have been lost. This Guide presents the best information available about these details. It's based on examination of surviving cars, expert recollections, factory photographs, and parts lists.

The Airflow Restorer's Guide represents a revision of the 2014 and earlier versions of the ACA Standards of Correctness, but it is much more than that. It updates some of the standards described in the SOCM series with new research and extensive photographs. It also includes nominal judging sheets for each model and a section on Airflow Club history. It is available for purchase from the Airflow Club store for $50. If you are working on, restoring, or improving an Airflow or if you are just interested in Airflow authenticity, you need this book.

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