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NEW! 2021 AIRFLOW RESTORER'S GUIDE Restore your airflow to factory correct condition. Extremely useful to the Airflow restorer. $50

. The current version includes all of the Newsletters from July 1962 through December 2014. Fully searchable by word or phrase, as described in the November 2008 Newsletter. Scanned versions of the Newsletters until 1999. Since then they have been created and archived digitally. $25 ea.

“THE HISTORY OF THE AIRFLOW CAR” Reprint of the Howard Irwin feature from August 1977 “Scientific American.” An excellent piece. $4.

“CW – THE QUINTESSENTIAL STREAMLINER” 17-page copy of November 1994 newsletter written by Bob Joynt and Beverly Rae Kimes. The story of Airflow Chrysler CW limousines. Read about these giant 146-1/2” wheelbase sedans. $4.

VIDEO #1 The first 3 titles are original 1930’s factory films. “Fashioned by Function” - factory promotional: “Trails of Triumph” Harry Hartz at Bonneville; “Safety With a Thrill” - 1934 Chicago World’s Fair; “Memoirs of an Engineer” - Carl Breer’s Biography. “Airflow Development Pictures” from 1986 Chrysler Corp. slide set. 90 min. VHS or DVD only $20.

VIDEO #2 “A Pictorial History on the Development of the Chrysler Air- flow” made by William Z. Breer. 54 minutes. Made by William Breer for the 1996 Ft. Worth, TX National Meet. Record of Carl Breer’s work on Airflows. VHS or DVD only $20.

TECHNICAL FLASH DRIVE USB drive containing revised and extend- ed index of all newsletter tips and technical articles through 2017. Applicable to all 1934 to 1937 Airflow models. Bonus material: 2016 club roster soft copy, a searchable version of the Parts and Service Providers handout, the Airflow Chrysler Body Service Manual, and the Standards of Correctness Requirements Report. Produced by Jon Clulow and John Boyd. $25.

HISTORICAL CHRYSLER BULLETIN, OCTOBER 1963 This reprint is not 100% correct historically, but reflects Chrysler Corporation’s view of the Airflow as of the early 1960’s. $8.

1934 CHRYSLER SHOP MANUAL 140+ pages. $30. This reprint is 100% flawless in both photos and text. Tremendous reference!

BODY MANUAL Exact reproduction of 1934 Chrysler Manual. Can be used for DeSoto, also. $20.

OWNER’S MANUALS These seven instruction books are exact repro- ductions of originals: (1) 1934 DeSoto SE, 95 pages; (2) 1935 Chrysler C-1, 48 pages; (3) 1935 Chrysler C-2, 48 pages; (4) 1936 DeSoto S-2 Manual with owner i.d. card and printed envelope; (5) 1936 Chrysler C-9 Manual; (6) 1936 Chrysler C-10, 48 pages; (7) 1937 Chrysler C-17, 48 pages. $18 each.

AIRFLOW III DESOTO BROCHURE Over 40 photos in this 24 page reprint of 7” x 9” sales brochure. $10.

OVERDRIVE SMALL DAMPER SPRINGS reproductions; 4 per over- drive assembly. Fit ’34 SE DeSotos and ’34 to ’37 Chrysler Airflows. Not likely to be reproduced again. $25 per set + $2.50 Shipping

DIVISION WINDOW BARS for Airflow Coupes and Imperials. Fabri- cated from stainless steel, professionally polished, won’t rust. Limited number of reproductions. $225 per pair plus $15 shipping.


RUBBER STAMP 1937 Chrysler Airflow C 17 4-dr sedan. $10.
NAME BUTTON A must for all ACA gatherings. Features Club’s logo and your name. Furnish name as you want it on the finished button. $10.

ACA MYLAR DECALS Red, white, blue. One for window, one for bumper. 3” x 4”. $3 pair.

ACA METAL EMBLEM Club logo in full color on heavy aluminum. 3” x 4-1/2”. Specify mounting tab “up” or “down”. Use on license plate. $8.

FIREWALL PLATES For 1934 to 1942 models. Red for Chrysler or black for DeSoto. Specify color. $7.

HEADLIGHT MOUNTING PADs Fit all Chrysler models. $38 pair.

HEEL PADS For driver’s side carpeting. Used in Chrysler & DeSoto Airflows. Specify black or brown. $40.

FRONT BUMPER METAL RINGS for 1935 and 1936 DeSoto and 1935 through 1937 Chrysler Airflows. Made of stainless steel, they fit in the rubber grommets that the Club Store also sells. The price for the metal rings is $65.00 a pair plus shipping.

RUBBER FRONT BUMPER GROMMETS Fits behind the stainless rings on 1935-1937 models. $25 pair.

PEDAL PADS Reproductions. Specify black or brown. For clutch and brake pedals. $25 pair.

GAS PEDAL Reproductions for Airflows & others. Black or brown. $25

GEARSHIFT BOOT Reproductions for Airflows & others. Black or

brown. $25

COWL VENT WEATHER STRIP Fits all Airflow DeSotos & Chryslers. $30 pair.

FRONT DOOR VENT RUBBER SEALS Fits all 1935 to 1937 Airflows. Can modify to fit 1934. $165 pair.

FRONT DOOR VENT RUBBER SEAL Fits all 1934 Airflows. $215 pair.

REAR WINDOW RUBBER SEAL Fits windows above trunk on all

Airflow models. $4 per foot.

OUTSIDE RUBBER WINDSHIELD FRAME SEALS For all Airflows. Enough to make one pair. With instructions. $55.

INSIDE RUBBER WINDSHIELD FRAME SEALS Fits between the frame and the body ridge. Also used on doorsill plates. $4 per foot.

REAR QUARTER VENT WINDOW RUBBERS Fits these 4-dr sedans Airflows only...CU, C-1, C-9, SE, SG, S-2. $160 pair.


FENDER SKIRT GROMMETS Set of upper 4 pieces,

$32, or lower 4 pieces $42.

“SERVICE C INSTALLATION NOTES for FACTORY AUTHORIZED PHILCO RADIOS” 17 pages for all Airflow models 1934-1937. $7.

HOOD PROP SPRINGS for ‘35, ‘36, ‘37 Airflow Chryslers & ‘35, ‘36 Airflow DeSotos. Specify right or left. $10 each.

HUBCAP SKINS for 1934-36 Airflow Chryslers and 1934-35 and 36 DeSotos. These skins were produced in New Zealand by club member David Oliver. Skins are made of brass and properly chrome plated. The cost of each Chrysler and 1934-35 DeSoto hubcap skin is $135 and does not include shipping. Each 1936 DeSoto hubcap skin is $140.00. Shipping is billed when skins are shipped to you.

CHRYSLER FUEL PUMP HEAT SHIELD a new item for 2008. Sorry, no shields for DeSoto as yet. Each heat shield only $20.00.

AIRFLOW REPRODUCTION DECAL Warning decal for air cleaner and silencer. Decal #DD617 is for the ‘34 and ‘’35 Chrysler and ‘34 - ‘36 DeSoto. Each decal: $6.50 plus 50¢ shipping.