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Airflow Restorer's Guide

The Airflow Club maintains, revises, and publishes a book of standards. Its purpose is to describe the best-known information about how Airflow automobiles were configured during manufacture. Sources for the guide include Chrysler literature and records, observation of believed-original cars, and opinions of knowledgeable people. The document provides a guide to those who wish to restore an Airflow to its original configuration, and it is the standard against which Airflow judging is conducted. 

The most recent revision of the standards book, this expanded version called the Airflow Restorer's Guide, was completed and approved by the Airflow Club Board in 2021. It is an illustrated book of over 300 pages and is available for purchase from the Airflow Club store. Its contents include judging sheets that form the basis of Airflow judging at national meets. 

While the entire book is offered only for purchase, the judging sheets are available for download here. They may prove useful to Club members preparing an Airflow for the judged competition. 

Please click the applicable link to view or download the judging sheet(s) you want. In each case, the judging sheet is organized into 5 categories: vehicle overall, chassis, engine compartment, exterior, and interior. Specific characteristics and requirements are listed in each category, along with summaries of the requirements described in the Airflow Restorer's Guide that serve as reminders to the judging team. Blanks are printed for judges to enter point deductions for correctness of the judged car, condition of the item being judged, and the total deduction assessed against that requirement. Maximum deductions are specified for each. 

2024 Revised Judging Sheets

1 1934 Chrysler CU-CV-CX

2 1935 Chrysler C1-C2-C3

3 1936 Chrysler C9-C10-C11

4 1937 Chrysler C17

5 1934 DeSoto SE

6 1935 DeSoto SG

7 1936 DeSoto S2

8 1934-37 Chrysler Custom Imperial CW supplement

9 Complete set in a single file (91 pages) 

NOTE: Some browsers fail to transfer the file name, resulting in a nonsense name for the downloaded file. Use "Download as..." if that is an available choice in your web browser to assign a meaningful name to the file.

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