Airflow Restorer's Guide Preprint Review

[Revised November 29, 2020]

A revision to the 2014 Standards of Correctness manual was assigned to the ACA Judging and Technical Committee, to be coordinated by vice president John Boyd, at the club board meeting at the 55th national meet in Chico in 2018. The Committee comprised four current and recent chief judges as well as the VP. Additional help was solicited and obtained from several other club experts. A draft was prepared and posted on this site for review by all ACA members in March 2020, and all comments received were incorporated into the initial issue of the Airflow Restorer's Guide posted four months later on July 23, 2020.

The initial issue of the new Restorer's Guide is now ready for print. Errors in the July 23 initial issue found during proofreading have been corrected, and an additional section on decoding interior trim markings has been added to Appendix F of Volume I. This latter may be extended to include 1934 and 1935 Chryslers before printing. 

An ACA Board meeting was held October 19, 2020, to discuss approval of the Restorer's Guide, details of sales and distribution, and authorizing printing expenses. The Pre-print review version posted here remains open for comment until November 30, 2020. Changes will be posted every few days as they are suggested. Accordingly, please provide your additional comments and corrections to the Guide editor, John Boyd, by email at


The Guide is about 230 pages long. It might be most useful for you to focus on the front matter and introduction of each volume as well as the standards and judging sheets for models you are most familiar with. 


The organization of these files may be a bit confusing. Pages have been inserted to force most chapters to begin on an odd page. Material has been added to the Volume I appendices. Judging procedures described in Volume II are being reviewed and updated per the Judging and Standards Committee. Sections generated by a database program (and certain other sections of this draft) were created in different programs. To read cover to cover, it's necessary to jump around slightly among the files. 

Planned publication schedule:

--  Final review by all interested members: Sep 28 through Nov 30, 2020

--  First printing: early Nov 2020

ACA Airflow Restorer's Guide Volume I: Standards of Correctness

ACA Airflow Restorer's Guide Volume II: Judging

ACA Airflow Restorer's Guide Volume III: Historical

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