Airflow Restorer's Guide Preprint Review

[Revised January 1, 2021]

A revision to the 2014 Standards of Correctness manual was assigned to the ACA Judging and Technical Committee, to be coordinated by vice president John Boyd, at the club board meeting at the 55th national meet in Chico in 2018. The Committee comprised four current and recent chief judges as well as the VP. Additional help was solicited and obtained from several other club experts. A draft was prepared and posted on this site for review by all ACA members in March 2020, and comments received were incorporated into the initial issue of the Airflow Restorer's Guide posted four months later on July 23, 2020. Additional changes and additions were made through November 2020, and the Guide is now at the printer. 

The organization of the files linked below may be a bit confusing. Sections generated by a database program (and certain other sections of this draft) were created in different programs. To read cover to cover, it's necessary to jump around slightly among the files. 

At the December 21, 2020 meeting of the ACA board, the availability of a soft copy of the Guide was discussed. For now, the official, final edition of the guide will be made available in print only, for sale through the Club Store. The pre-print review edition linked below gives a good indication of the contents, but it is not identical to the printed version.

ACA Airflow Restorer's Guide Volume I: Standards of Correctness

ACA Airflow Restorer's Guide Volume II: Judging

ACA Airflow Restorer's Guide Volume III: Historical

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