Airflow Registry

The ACA Registry attempts to list surviving Chrysler and DeSoto Airflow cars and Dodge Airflow trucks. Records are, however, far from complete. Owners have been tracked on and off over the years by the Club, and many vehicles have changed hands since their registry records were last updated.  Numerals appearing after a name indicate the year in which the ownership was reported. Numerals followed by an R designate vehicle records published in previous club membership rosters, the year of which is indicated by the digits. For example, 85R means this owner reported ownership of this vehicle in the 1985 roster. A vehicle condition field was recently added, with the intent of tracking the condition of cars: Parts cars, Unrestored, Driver cars, Restored, or Modified cars. Few of these records have been updated however.  The data shown is an extract from the ACA Club Registry database, which is maintained by the Club Historian. Corrections and additions are invited – they may be sent to the webmaster by email

Ownership history is shown like this:

 <year ownership reported> to <year car was sold> | <owner name>, <owner state or country>

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