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Dedicated to the appreciation, preservation, and enjoyment of Chrysler and DeSoto automobiles and Dodge Airflow trucks

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This is the official web site of the Airflow Club of America. Learn about Airflow cars and trucks, the Airflow Club activities, history, and organization. If you are interested in these ground-breaking products of the 1930s Chrysler organization, you should consider joining the club. Members have access to extra information on this site, as well as receiving the club newsletter and announcements of all our events.

Although some functions of this site work with a smart phone, please use a computer for full functionality.

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Recent web site updates:

Sep 17, 2020 Uploaded 1934 DeSoto Parts List to the Members/Manuals section.

Sep 16, 2020  Updated the Parts and Suppliers list in the Members section

Jul 23, 2020 Updated the Airflow Restorer's Guide to initial issue. Comments and corrections to the draft have all been incorporated.

Jul 8, 2020  Reorganized Club Documents page in Members Page. Deleted old Forum page; please use airflowcars instead.

Club BLOG Updated

Check the Airflow Club BLOG frequently to see what's been going on in the world of Airflows and the Airflow Club.

The Airflow Club

The AIRFLOW CLUB OF AMERICA, INCORPORATED is a nonprofit organization founded in June 1962. The Club is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, exhibition and use of Chrysler Airflow and DeSoto Airflow automobiles and Dodge Airflow trucks. Our mission includes collecting, recording, preserving and disseminating Airflow information, data and lore to the world of old car enthusiasts.  The ACA Website is one of the ways in which this information is preserved and made available to interested parties.

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Airflow Club of America

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