1936 DeSoto Airflow Upholstery Fabric

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

While restoring my DeSoto S2 Airflow, I found a local upholsterer in Santee California who agreed to take on my whole interior. From a swatch of surviving fabric on the seats, he was able to locate some new fabric that was a close match. I learned today that he purchased enough to do a second car and he still has about 15 yards of the fabric. If you are restoring a '36 DeSoto, you might want to contact Armando and discuss terms for this fabric. http://armandosautoupholstery.com. I am very satisfied with the work he did for me. It took about six weeks for the whole job: headliner, seats, new door panels with diamond sculpting, kick panels, arm rests, visors, and carpet. Contact Armando to discuss purchasing the fabric, and contact me to discuss his workmanship and my experience in dealing with this shop. It's positive. I recommend him to anyone doing an Airflow interior. Santee is 15 miles east of San Diego.

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