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1937 Chrysler Airflow renovation update

Been getting my Chrysler Airflow ready for the road. We are planning to drive it to the 2019 national meet in Charlottesville, Virginia, with 3 or 4 other Airflows from California. Recent projects included building and mounting high visibility, high-mounted LED turn signals and brake lights in the back windows, getting the freshly rebuilt engine dyno tuned, getting brakes checked and adjusted, and reinstalling the fender skirts after last winter's repaint in Skytint Poly. Having lost a fender skirt on I-15 south of Salt Lake City, and watching it immediately get run over on the 2017 California Caravan, I worried about losing another. My solution is pretty simple. The skirts are held in place by two latches near the bottom that hook through rubberized steel fender grommets (available from the ACA club store). I ran a heavy cable zip tie through each one, so that even if the latch should open or fail, the skirts will be held in place by the cable ties.

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