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Mystery Custom Imperial Airflow

This photo of a 1934 CX Chrysler Custom Imperial recently appeared on Facebook and sparked a bit of discussion. Bruce Wallin, one of the hosts of the 55th National Meet in Chico, California, showed his CX at that show. He recognized the car and provided some history:

This remarkable car is one of the three 1934 CXs known to be extant (this one, mine, and Jay Leno's)

-For some years it was in the Bouthillier collection in Montreal, then it passed for sale to John Scotti Automotive, and most recently it was consigned for auction in this country. Its current owner, to the best of my knowledge, has chosen to remain anonymous (and I believe remains so)

-It departed from the usual 1934 CX LeBaron format in that it had a 1935 conversion hood, CW-style four-bar bumpers, and originally CW running-board step plates

-I attempted to organize a reunion of all three surviving CXs for the 2001 annual meet of the Airflow Club of America in Keene, NH, since the venue was reasonably close to the respective owners at the time (I lived in the Boston area then, and the late Lloyd VerHage, the owner of the Leno CX at the time, lived in Michigan). I approached both Lloyd and Mr. Bouthillier about the prospect of having them all together at least once but sadly was unable to make it happen

-If anyone knows the present whereabouts of the "Montreal" CX, I would very much like to know

-Bruce Wallin

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