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Rare Canadian 1935 DeSoto Airflow Series SG For Sale?

A while back I got interested in a brass-era car (my main auto interest) and I may be getting close to purchasing it. If I do, it will require selling my 1935 DeSoto SG sedan, for both the funds and space that will be needed. My car is a survivor that has seen much use and much west coast weather. It was originally purchased by a family that attended the same church as my family and was in regular use until the 1960s. At that time the son was driving it to school and would stop by my father's gas station for servicing. In 1966 the son parked it under his carport and it sat there until he died in 2007. At that time, my father was called in to get it out of there and ended up getting it running and purchasing it from the son's widow. I have had it since 2013. You can read the story of this car in the November 2016 edition of the Airflow Club newsletter. This car is unique in that it is one of 108 Canadian built SG models. I believe there are only three in the Airflow database. It has some 34 Chrysler trim, including the three tier bumpers (rear is not currently on the car). It is a good runner with 92,000 miles showing on the odometer. I don't know if it has gone around once or not and I don't know if the engine has ever been rebuilt. It does have an SE head on it but I have an SG head as a spare. Last summer I did the following: new battery, rebuilt carburetor, rebuilt starter, NOS fuel pump. I also have some spare parts. The body has rust in the usual places and the upholstery is usable but poor. I keep a blanket over the seats most of the time. The chrome is well pitted. The tires are the same ones that were in use in the 1960s, with "Portawalls." I have lots of pictures of this car, so if you might be interested let me know and I'll send you more. I will be deciding on the other car in the next few weeks. If I get it I will be advertising my SG at $7500 USD. Peter Findlay Burnaby, BC, Canada

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