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More Airflow Club 

Airflow Club Doings

The Club organizes a national meet each year, normally alternating the host region. In 2017 we gathered in the Twin Cities; 2018 was in Chico, California. The 2019 national meet was held in Charlottesville, Virginia. The next few planned are 2020 Independence, Missouri, 2021 London, Ontario, and 2022 San Diego, California. These meets last three to four days and always include a judged car show and an awards banquet. They are not to be missed! 

Registry of Airflows

The Airflow Club tries to track individual cars and trucks by serial number, primarily to serve current vehicle owners. If you have an Airflow, or know of one, you can check whether the Club has any records of it. A more detailed registry showing chains of ownership is available in the Members Only section (Last updated 2018)

Join the club!

The Airflow club exists to encourage and assist people who want to learn about Airflows, find one, fix-maintain-restore one, and hang out with others of similar interests. If you are this sort of person, you might want to join us! Even if you don't have an Airflow!

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