ACA Airflow Restorer's Guide (initial issue)

A revision to the 2014 Standards of Correctness manual was assigned to the ACA Judging and Technical Committee, to be coordinated by vice president John Boyd, at the club board meeting at the 55th national meet in Chico in 2018. A draft was prepared and posted on this site for review and comment by the Committee and club members in March 2020. All received comments and corrections have now been incorporated, and the initial issue of the Airflow Restorer's Guide is now posted. You can view or download it by clicking the section names below.

This revision of the Standards of Correctness has been expanded and updated. Now called the Airflow Restorer's Guide, it comprises three volumes. Volume 1: Standards of Correctness is the revision of the 2014 version standards. Judging guidance and judging sheets are now collected into Volume 2: Judging. Volume 3: ACA Historical collects certain club records. 


The ARG will be updated occasionally as needed. Please send any corrections or comments to the current Chief Judge or to the volume editor at


[updated July 23, 2020: Posted initial ssue.]

ACA Airflow Restorer's Guide Volume I: Standards of Correctness

Volume I Appendices

ACA Airflow Restorer's Guide Volume II: Judging

ACA Airflow Restorer's Guide Volume III: Historical

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